What inspires me

I love what I do and I am inspired by the people I work with.  I love seeing the look on their faces when I transform a room for them and they fall in love with what I’ve done.

Whatever I do I have to be proud to put my name to it and think “if I owned that, would I love it?”  If the answer is no, it doesn’t make it out through my front door.

I get really excited by working with different fabrics and will give anything a go if it’s something I think a customer will love.  I’m a bit like a kid in a sweet shop when I get a new delivery of fabrics and spend a long time savouring the feel of each one.  I recently ordered some gorgeous tweed for a farmer’s wife to put in her living room.  When the room was finished it was so perfect I cried.  It’s that feeling of joy that inspires me.