Cushion in a Bag Kit


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Cushion in a Bag Kit 

18″ Piped Cushion

Welcome to the crafty world of Margo Makes!

You can get a taster of what we do in the workroom through one of our craft kits. This is a project for anyone who has a sewing machine and wants something bespoke and handmade to place in their home.

In this Cushion in a bag kit, you will get everything you need to make a bespoke 18″ Piped cushion, EXCEPT the fabric. As always at Margo and Mya we like to do things a little bit differently, and like to give you the option to make something personal and perfect for your home or as a gift. You may already have a fabulous fabric in mind but if not we can supply the fabric for you from our vast fabric stockists.

If you are looking to buy one of these kits and need to buy the fabric, please contact us (check our contact page for details) and we can tell you how much fabric you’ll need to buy.

You can scroll through our shop for examples of cushions we have made in the workshop for inspiration for your new projects!


Kit Contents:

* 18″ (46cm) synthetic cushion.

* Zip.

* Piping Cord.

* Instruction Booklet.

What you will need:

* Sewing Machine

* Fabric for the front, back, and piping

* Scissors

* Pins

There is the option of using an overlocker on fabrics that fray but this is not a necessary step if you do not own one.