How I work

I make curtains, blinds and other kinds of soft furnishings.

I love to meet and work closely with all my clients. To make sure you get exactly what you want I will go through a number of stages.

Firstly I visit the client for a job briefing and get a feel for what they are wanting.

It could be that I search for fabrics or direct them to suppliers, catalogues or samples of the look and style that they want to achieve.

I will then accurately  measure up and maybe ask them more questions such as “how do you want to hang the blind/curtain” it could be a pole or track “what type of curtain tape do they want? Or eyelets?” “Do they want to pay extra and have them totally handmade?”

So in summary, I get the job briefing, ask the questions, give a quote which is tailored to your needs and then once we are agreed I make them and then hang them. The you can admire them..

If you want to add accessories I can help and this is also taken into account.


Awards and recognition may not be the be all and end all but they do make this girl happy. I have been lucky enough to be nominated or a few awards in my previous business Love That Bag, which I built from scratch working on my coffee table into a successful business with many, many happy customers.

Recognition comes in other forms too, and a happy customers means as much if not more to me. Whether its  letter or more usual in these social media driven days, a comment on Facebook a Tweet or even just a simple “Like”

Get In Touch

Leave your name and email below along with what you are looking for in the message box. Or you can call me at 01305 235503 or 07898 872240

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