Meet the team

Meet the extraordinary Team!

Come and meet us all…

At Margo and Mya our team has grown to the fantastic five. Come and meet the extraordinary team, who’s an all women, in-store team along with some other amazing local businesses and people we work with, we couldn’t ask for a better Team.

It’s our third year of business and it’s so far been so much fun, we thought that it was only right to introduce you to the people who make it so.

So let’s begin…


Olivia is our lovely Saturday girl who is an incredible artist and extremely smiley young lady. Working on small crafts within the store, Olivia is also a sales assistant as well as a sewer down in our workroom. Olivia is always keen to help you find what you need or what you’re looking for.

So, if you happen to pop into the store on a Saturday, you are most likely to be greeted by her.

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“My name is Olivia Pope, I’m seventeen and over the past year I have been studying art, performing arts and dance at the sixth form at Thomas Hardye School.

Due to my creative personality, I often indulge in artistic activities such as painting, drawing and of course charcoal. Over the past few months, I have created many landscape and botanical paintings as well as been inspired by the local agriculture of Dorset. 

In the future, I hope to pursue my passion of art by going down the tattoo artist path or possibly taking a different artistic approach and becoming a beautician or hairdresser. 

These avenues are very appealing to me and they complement my creative nature and allow me to fulfil my full potential. Although I am open minded and ready to face whatever comes my way.

One of the things I look forward to about coming into work is that I get to be around like-minded and creative people, it’s so refreshing to be encouraged and rewarded for doing what I enjoy and love. Another highlight of working at Margo and Mya is meeting and talking to a variety of unique people, all of which who have different outlooks on art and who are equally as imaginative and creative as myself. 

Working at Margo and Mya has shown me a new side of myself and given me a lot of confidence. As a whole, I love working here and the people I interact with on a daily basis have made it that bit better.”


Meet Rachel. She is our newest member to Margo and Mya and is a wiz on the sewing machine. She’s an amazing Designer and Creator and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Rachel specialised is modern fabrics and embroidery but can craft and sewing anything from a bucket hat to a curtain. Helping with all our social media she also works in store as a sales assistant and sewer.

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“Hello, my name is Rachel Maybery and I have been lucky enough to join the team recently. I am loving getting stuck into all the creative madness – every day is a different day!

I am a textile design graduate from Falmouth University where I specialised in Mixed Media. I am passionate about fabrics, colour and print so it’s incredibly inspiring working on all the beautiful interior creations we have here.

I am lucky enough that my hobbies have become my work, but I still love to create things in my spare time, whether that be jewellery, knitting or embroidery designs. As well as that I love to get out and enjoy the beautiful area of Dorset that I’m lucky enough to live in, I regularly like to explore on walks and go sea swimming.

Since University I have gained experience in a few different areas. Initially by interning at a luxury fashion brand, Roberta Einer, working on the design and making of one of her collections. After that I worked as a design assistant at a millinery company making beautiful handmade hats for weddings and racing events.

Whatever I do in the future I hope to be working in a creative environment. I would love to work in design, either in fashion/accessories or interiors and possibly even start my own business one day. Working with Nicky has been extremely inspiring when it comes to realising this is a possibility!”


This is Evie, who’s not only a member of staff from time-to-time, but is also Nicky’s daughter. Evie lives in Cornwall but when she’s home you may see her here to help you out.

Starting at Margo and Mya from when the store first opened, Evie can help you out with any problem or interest you may have in store. Being a sewer, sales assistant and currently studying Fashion Marketing. Evie helps out with our social media and anything else you can think of in store.

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“My name is Evie Massey and I’m Nicky’s daughter. I’ve worked along side my mum since the very beginning and help out whenever I’m home.

I am currently studying Fashion Marketing at Falmouth University I have just completed my first year and miss it dreadfully. I’m living there at the moment but when I come home I tend to help in the shop. In my spare time I like sewing and watching movies and I also have a huge passion for fashion.

Within my course at University I do have a travel year which I’m hoping to meet people and find connections through for once I’ve graduated. I plan on continuing to work within the fashion industry, aiming toward more marketing based jobs, but until then I am still keeping my options open to what jobs are available.

Margo and Mya has become a place where I love to sew and make products for the shop. But it has also been a chance for me to use my skills and knowledge from Uni into practice. This shop has been an amazing and inspiring journey to watch and follow, it’s definitely been a place for me and my mum to learn and grow.”


Maggie is Margo and Mya’s full-time member of staff. Starting along side Nicky and Evie from the beginning, Maggie works both on the shop floor and down in the workroom.

Like other members of staff she works on the behind the scenes side of things like social media and sewing. Happy to answer any question thrown her way she’ll be there to help you.

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“Hello, my name is Maggie Ayles and I am currently working full time for Nicky at Margo and Mya. At Sixth Form I studied Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Textiles, and it was at Thomas Hardye Sixth Form where I studied Textiles with Evie (Nicky’s daughter). I found out about Margo and Mya and asked to work for Nicky in 2018.

I’ve always loved sewing and have attempted many crafting projects in my spare time including weaving, and currently knitting which I’m loving. Along with all my crafting interests, I also love travelling and plan on going on many more trips in the future.

Depending on where my future may take me, I would like to continue down the Textiles route. To grow my skills in hand or machine embroidery and use these techniques in either fashion or interior design, I hope to find a job which will enable me to continue to be practical, as well as challenge and improve my creative and design methods.

I love working for Nicky at Margo and Mya because it’s become a space for all the staff (and the public) to stay creative. It’s not only allowed me to learn more about how home furnishings are made, but also learn the business side of things. Margo and Mya has hugely grown my confidence with the public. Thanks to Nicky, she’s taught us all how to have fun within the workplace as well as work in an ever-growing business.”


I’m sure by now you’ve met me, or if you haven’t this is the chance to know a little more. I am the owner and creator of Margo and Mya and I have the pleasure of sorting, organising, making and creating all things Margo and Mya.

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I grew up in North Wales and have since lived in Portsmouth, Germany and now beautiful Weymouth. I never trained in textiles, but with my Mum and Nan teaching me, and plenty of self taught methods, I now work in the textiles, home interiors industry.

I always loved textiles but have grown to love many other jobs and tried many things over time. In my spare time I absolutely love to go camping in my van with my gorgeous little Betty-Boo (usually to Cornwall), and there I go on plenty of walks, read lots of books, and enjoy my evenings at different Restaurants and Pubs.

Margo and Mya has a completely different meaning and atmosphere now from when I first created it three years ago. This has now become a space where I’ve made so many friends. It’s where I get to create and make along with my staff and clients.

It’s become a place where fun takes place and where every single day is different; no daily process or routine ever takes place because there’s so much that we do within our store.

Now, did you meet my team?

I hope you have enjoyed finding out a bit more about my staff as well as what they all do within the workshop. This is the biggest my Team has been yet and I’m over the moon to share them all with you.

Although this is everyone you may see in-store, I have more people behind the scenes who help make my business run smoothly. For example, if you’ve ever had curtains or blinds fitted with me, you’ll have met my fitter Duane. Who has recently joined the team this year.

As well as him I also have my fantastic Upholster, who’s work seizes to amaze me and can only get better and better!

And lastly I work with Mike, who is the master mind behind all things technical, including my website. He’s helped me and my team hugely this year by teaching us how we can sort our all your orders to let you all know when your items are being picked, wrapped, sent and delivered!

I’m so happy with my team, and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know them as much as I have.

Lots of love,

Nicky and Team x

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