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Margo and Mya’s New Look Store

How our New Look Store all started…

My name is Maggie and I’m Nicky’s right hand gal at Margo and Mya. Nicky and I (along with Evie, Nicky’s daughter and the rest of the team) worked throughout lockdown to create the new look Margo and Mya. At the start of the lockdown period, I received a call from Nicky saying that she had plans for a ‘New Look’, and boy does it looks new.

Since our opening in 2018, nothing had really changed. Not only were the changes needed in order to follow the Covid- 19 rules and policies for retail, but we knew it was about time to really showcase or interior ideas. And so we made Nicky’s ideas come true, making the comeback/reopening the best it could be.

One of the first things Nicky wanted was wallpaper (having just wallpapered for the first time in her own home). She’d had her eye on Lost World from Emma Shipley’s new collection since she first laid eyes on it, so that was the first order, little did we know that she would get the wallpapering bug!

The layout allowed us to have main rooms and then three smaller rooms in the centre of the shop. This not only created more of a pathway around the shop but allowed our customers to finally walk into our room sets (just like IKEA). Once we decorated each room, they seemed to gain their own names. We’ve now created different rooms in order to truly create an experience.

Room 1 – The Grey Room

We found ourselves working on all of the room at the same time, but the Grey Bedroom is the first one you see on the right hand side as you enter the shop. With hints of pink and yellow, it’s our one and only bedroom set. Fun Fact: This bed was actually from Nicky’s home, and being originally white we painted the whole thing black which turned out so beautifully.

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Room 2 – Table Room

As you enter and look straight ahead of you, we have the table room. The main colours of the room are blue, purple and gold, and with the table being a piece of furniture we’ve had from the very beginning, we’re currently working on a wood burnt design on the top to give it a total bespoke look. Fun Fact: the table legs were gold leafed by Evie, and the wood burning is being done by Margo and Mya’s Saturday girl, Olivia.

Room 3 – The Dark Room

Next, we have the dark room (one of my favourite rooms). We took this colour scheme from an image we saw on Pinterest but put our twist on it. With the blue, green, orange and a hint of black, this room has Nicky’s original Dansette which still plays perfectly and looks so classic on top of the 70s sideboard (which Nicky found for free at the tip) a rare and lucky find!

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Room 4 – The Pink Room

Then, we have the pink room which, you guessed it, is pink. As well as purples and baby blue. It’s only small but it’s proof you can fill any space with a crazy amount of colour and pattern.

Room 5 – The Twin Chair

To the left of the pink room is the twin chair room which sits two sister chairs. Keeping it wild you can find quite a few animal prints found here. This room you can also walk through straight to the till.

Room 6 – The Yellow Room

By now you can sort of tell that all of the room names are pretty simple and match the room. But the yellow room’s main feature is a gorgeous wooden chest-of-drawers as complimentary colour, along with a stunning upholstered Irish linen chair. The yellow wall is in the gorgeous Sanderson Cantaloupe Wallpaper.

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Our gorgeous William Clarke floral Irish linen upholstered chair with our new Zebra cushion.

Room 7 – 70s Room

At the back of the shop is the 70s room which will make you feel as though you are sat in your nans house. Every colour under the sun with a variation of patterns. This room is completed with the fab Shreiber 70s dividers (the 70s is just a slight running theme throughout the store).

Room 8 – Till

Not quite a room, but we still couldn’t help but redecorate it. This is where our stunning Emma Shipley Lost World wallpaper takes place. Along with that wallpaper it was only right to change the colour of the counter (we’d had that pink for a while). Now having lime green, this bright and bold change spruced everything up; it also looks so good with the wallpaper.

Room 9 -Jungle shelf room

Once you’ve past the till (if your walking in the flow of the shop) the last two rooms sort of blend into one as we have this gorgeous Mr. Perswall wallpaper all across the wall, which is available to purchase from Margo and Mya. The industrial style shelfing unit we have built creates a whole new texture in the shop. With the jungle scene wallpaper showing through behind the colours have hugely enhanced the colours within the shop. (Also making it warmer somehow, the shop is naturally quite cool so thermals are usually required in the winter months for me).

Room 10 – Grand Floral Sofa

The last room is the Grand Floral Sofa. The sofa in this room is one of the many beautiful sofas that have graced Margo and Mya. It was reupholstered by our local upholsterer who is amazing, and his work is an art form. Every piece we’ve had made from him, whether it be for the shop or a client, is bespoke and totally unique.

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As I mentioned previously, each room has a dreadfully obvious name, but it helps staff pinpoint where we are each working. When planning/creating the rooms, we wanted to have something for everyone. Rooms that anybody could picture in their home. 

Since working for Nicky from the beginning, as a Saturday girl and now being full time, the changes this shop has gone through have been so much fun. Personally this has been the best the shop has ever looked, and is definitely a new look for the store. I am so proud of how hard Nicky and the team have worked to make the shop look the way it does.

We really hope everyone loves the shop as much as we do, please pop in and see us as we’d love to see all those we haven’t seen in a while.

Thank you for reading! Maggie x