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Hello all…. I wanted to touch base with everyone and give you a quick Margo and Mya update.

Sadly, we had to close our doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We find ourselves in our 4th week of lockdown and I miss the shop and all my team terribly! We are all working hard from home taking orders and working on quotes, so if you have anything you’d like a quote on please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re working on improving our service to our wonderful customers as Margo and Mya is growing really well in the 18months since we opened our doors in Brewery Square. We’ve thought fast on our feet, so its exciting to get some processes in place so we can make our customer journey even better!

So what’s new?

Margo and Mya New Website and Online Shop!

At last I hear you say!!

I’m working closely on our new website with my Web Designer Mike from Maumbury Design. The new Margo and Mya website will be very interactive and will offer our new online shop, giving the whole of UK access to shop all our Bespoke Creations from Margo and Mya!! They’ll be handmade bespoke cushions galore, throws and sumptuous Designer bedding, plus lots more!

The new website will feature our Margo Makes classes, where you can book onto them directly, ask questions and they’ll be a link to buying the Margo Makes Creative Kits. It’s all very exciting!

We’ll also be updating our services for Margo and Mya as we’re so much more than a handmade bespoke curtains, blinds and soft furnishings shop! We offer so much more! Did you know you we work with a fabulous team of professionals offering: Interior Design, Shutters, Carpentry, Bespoke Furniture Makers, Local Artists and many more… we’re a one stop for interiors! We offer so much more than the High Street can give you!

Margo Makes: In-store Classes and Creative Kits!!

Our in-store classes called Margo Makes has really grown and our launch of our 2020 classes was a sell out. If you are currently booked onto a Margo Makes in-store class then we have great news for you! Once we are able to meet up in small gatherings we will be re-launching the Margo Makes classes. those that were booked on any Margo Makes classes that were postponed, those that keep their booking, will have the choice of attending an alternative class and you will receive a beautiful free gift from Margo Makes!!

We are so over the moon to launch our Margo Makes Creative Kits and are working closely with our Graphic Designer Blossom at Petal Press to design the marketing and packaging of the kits. As we are proud to work a little differently than the norm, we are making sure our creative kits follow suite!

The fantastic “The Great British Sewing Bee” comes to our screens this month…. yippee!! and I have had a great idea to bring a Sewing Bee sort of in-store competition to Margo and Mya… so keep watching for an update on this one!!

Please keep checking out our Margo and Mya Facebook and our Margo and Mya Instagram pages and of course our blog, which i’ve really enjoyed bringing you today!

Take care and stay safe!

Nicky xx