How to Create your Dream Pinterest Home

Redecorate in style, and for you…

Everyone wants a modern and stylish home, but also to achieve that personal and homely feel. We know how you can create this simply, and on a budget…

Home décor is the second most popular searched topic on Pinterest, and I cannot deny that I myself can’t help but look at what the latest and current trends are; well it’s part of my job.

So, after being stuck in your home for the majority of 2020 and wanting to redecorate, OR if you’ve just moved or planning to move, Margo and Mya’s specialities are helping people create beautiful homes, providing new and personalised elements.

Margo and Mya EMMA SHIPLEY JUNGLE PALMS no usm scaled
Room set from Emma Shipley’s Wilderie Collection – Jungle Palms Set

Here are some simple tips to get started on any room:

1. Strip the room 

Start any room from the very basics and make sure it’s empty. You need to see the full potential you have for the room, step back and look at it from the corner or the doorway. You want to create a space which is enticing you from the first glance, and one thing that we love as humans, is a big space. Not only do we enjoy our space but minimising the things within it; showing off the area you see.

2. Cover the Basics… COLOUR

Make your room look and feel bigger with plain light-coloured walls, whether it’s pure white, or a slight beige. However, a statement look is always made on the walls or floor; even if it feels like it comes from the things within it. If you’re wanting to make a statement, why not look at using one wall or floor, or even the ceiling to work as a feature? Neutrals all over your room is calming with different natural colours as statements. If you’re wanting to add more colour, dark shades make a room feel cosy and sophisticated. If there is anything that’s very 2021, it’s using more than one colour on your walls. 

Margo and Mya The best of The List Bold Interiors
Having other a pastel and a bold, dark colour creates such a gorgeous contrast, makes any room stand out.
Margo and Mya Woonkamer Binnenkijken bij jellinadetmar
Plain woodwork with a dark feature wall allows the age and characteristics of the house shine to through. The plain woodwork could be something to consider for the next step too.

3. The Framework

Now, when it comes to the woodwork in the room (skirting boards), this is all you. But we can help you there too. We recommend choosing all plains colour woodwork OR having a bold contrast. Make the room look bigger by keeping woodwork white/light, giving the room a more modern look. Alternatively, make things more on the bold side. Now by this we don’t mean vibrant pinks or greens (although that might look amazing) but take your woodwork back to its natural colour or possibly make it darker. There is just something sexy about a dark oak wood floor with chalk white walls.


Margo and Mya The New Look for Painted Trim Anything But White
Crisp white walls with a sharp black border, painted frame work can really make a room feel more cosy.

4. Now add a sprinkle of you…

Be different when it comes to dressing your rooms. Search for things and don’t just copy everyone else. We all want to achieve a certain look, but when you buy something exactly the same as someone else, what joy does that bring you knowing someone else has it too? You will love your home more if you have put your own personal touch and spin on things. Trust me. Take your time with decoration, let the pieces of the room find you. If you love something that you didn’t plan on finding, it might just be the best thing you ever bought and make your room look amazing!

5. Have you ever thought of this?

You can personalise features in your room which not many people consider, like your doors for example. Look for something different to add your own personal touch than what’s obvious. Along with colour within a room, the features around it are just as are important. 

Margo and Mya Inspiration
This idea also comes under the Framework, but it’s an example of what can be done.

I hope this blog inspires you to get creative and start making your house your own home!

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