How my passion turned into my business…

Its been quite a while since I last posted on my blog… I was looking through some of my pics and video’s and I came upon this promo video that I’m sharing with you. I watched it and it reminded me of the “why”I started my business… the “why” I took it from working in my dining room to opening a shop and workroom in Brewery Square, Dorchester. It’s been quite a journey, full of ups and downs, tantrums and tears. I’ve learnt so much about myself and what can be achieved through perseverance and hard work. It reminded me of my inspiring Mum and Nan who fired my creative curiosity! I’m thankful for all the support and handholding from my friends, family and other professionals in their field. So, on a down day, ask yourself what’s your “Why?” I hope you enjoy the video by the fab Shawn keys at



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